What will make education exciting is that we should TALK ABOUT US and OURSELVES!

You can make that difference when you’re already THERE in that position!

but DO NOW while you’re still WHERE YOU ARE!

Modernization of Times, as well as Global Alignments both demand Education to be “exciting” — yet Stakeholders and Cohorts do not really succeed as they should! – don’t you think so? – but WHY?

Millennial generation wants EDUCATION TO BE EXCITING! They “do not do well being passive learners” (Starlink, 2004). A group of students born between 1982 and 2000, they are also dubbed as “Millennials”. They have the characteristics unique to the digital age. Their comfort level of technology is on ipod, laptop, cell phones, computers and the Internet – at which, the students that we actually have at present are already so much exposed and even addicted to.

Institutions cannot deny the point that the “digital age” could possibly cause GAP between expectancy & actuality. The reality that education could be creating may not be what Millennials are expecting – which could be the reason why even at this point, some of our learners would still not have enough motivation to battle against their “night afters”.

Meeting students’ needs should be very crucial and should be the optimum goal of stakeholders and every educational entrepreneur.

Educational Organizers & Managers may have all the skills thereat required to get promoted to a position level after gathering years of experience in service; they may have gone through the tedious process & flow of the Essential Fundamentals of Management; and they may even have gotten several trainings on School Leadership – but what could have been wrong, or what could have been the “missing link” why the MILLENIAL GENERATION still do not get the help that they need that would make them totally engaged in their learning?

Reality & Expectations -– where will both ends meet?

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25 thoughts on “THE CHECKPOINT!”

  1. I can still remember a comment which says “show me your school and I will tell you what society you have” in line with this we can understand or possibly we refuse to accept problems within our educational system added the fact that clearly education in our country is not a right at all, it is now a privilege. We often ask our learners to do what is right and yet never mind what we do is wrong hence I think it is important for us to possibly review the inclusion of values education in our curriculum not just a simple requirement in our curriculum; instill in young’s mind what it should be and by also strictly follow what is right, afterall we are teachers and our role is to teach our learner by doing not just by simply teaching. As a teacher we do all agree it is unending learning hence we could also be adept with technology and we will guide our learner certainly not the other way around, we must open to learn and learn to unlearn not refuse learning. If we incorporate values and learning we are teaching our learners digitally well mannered and by that we can say third world country can step up, teach, learn comparable to western countries which more ideal with the support of unbiased government for sure. We will not simply accept what is current we should look ways to improve and excel. Age always doesn’t matter as most teachers refuse technology which hinders them to guide their to students. We can let them wander however it would be best for us to guide them and show them and tell them which is which and which is not.

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  2. The Checkpoint
    Oct. 2, 2016
    Teachers have important role to the students success. It is part of our responsibility to lead the students on thier right path. Eventhough it is hard to do this responsibility, we should be patient and work hard for it.
    Educators must be flexible. We should be ready for the changes happen right now in our educational system and ready to adapt these changes. For now, stakeholders and cohorts do not really succeed for the new Curriculum which is K to 12 because there are lot of factors need to be considered. Like for example,the materials needed by the teachers and students are not yet ready for the implementation of this Curriculum. But ofcourse, we should not stop working for the future of our students.
    There are lot of educators do not belong to millenial generation. It is a big challenge to the part of educators to face and adapt the trends of teaching now a days. But we should never stop motivating ourselves to pass these challenges and to teach our students in a modern way. To be an effective teacher, we should connect ourselves whatever trends have in our educational system. Educators must educate about the computer stage, familiarize all the things that Millenial generations enjoying right now.
    For the better tomorrow, educators must accept and adapt the challenges in our educational system with an open heart and dedication.

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  3. According to Allan Bloom: Education is the movement from darkness to light. With this quote, we educators today we are experiencing the gap between our generation to millennial generation in our Education today. But we need to accept the reality, and to over come with this situation we should be flexible all the time to fulfill the needs of our pupils/students and make them interesting every time they come in our class. As, teachers, we have a lot make our profession to be more productive, knowledgeable and more advance by having our Master Degree, attending different seminars and symposium to meet the expectation our dear children.
    Another quote that I want to share: You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward. by: Conrad Hall. This quote is one of our motivation to make EDUCATION TO BE EXCITING, because continues learning is make you more prepared and confident what ever battle you encounter during our teaching years.
    To be educators, we have full of positive minds in our heart and souls to make our children fulfill their dreams and future. With all this changes in our Education system like K to 12, be flexible and adopt the changes to make things better, and continue the best and right what we are doing in the past, for the better of our students.
    According to Martin Luther King Jr: The function of Education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that the goal of true Education. My fellow educators, do you agree?

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  4. Truly, being a teacher today is a great challenge because of the different students that we had. One of the missing link for me is the value of family. From my own experience my low performing pupils are from broken family, the father/ mother is busy in their work to support their family as a result they neglect their duty to do the assignments or follow up the class standing of their children. Second is the technology today. Pupils can easily browse,copy and paste their assignments or projects from the internet without reading it well, unlike in the past the pupils are doing library research and reading books in order to come up with a nice report or project. As a teacher, I can help in this situation by making a collaboration with the parents of my pupils. I will find time to home visit them in order to know what is the real scenario in their home.In using the modern technology, I can use it as a teaching strategy, the group activities and other activities that will enhance each pupils abilities will be more emphasize inside the classroom. Third, the curriculum should emphasize the Values Education. The value of Honesty and Empathy should instill to all students. Lastly, the teacher should be a role model / good example to his pupils and a passion in teaching. A teacher is not a job, it is a Calling.. God bless all the Teachers …

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  5. We are in the modern world wherein the learners are expose to use modern technologies in learning. Millennium as it says that it was in our time today.
    Technology is everywhere and almost part of our lives. It affects how we act, think and learn with their great and increasing presence.
    As an educator, I believe that today’s technologies probably help in the teaching and learning process. Pupils at this pace can manipulate and study through the use of media. They are open-minded and really connect leanings into their real life situation. Through these technology, pupils can search for knowledge, doing their projects and solve problems. This way of acquiring information truly enhances their ability so that they will become a globally competitive learners. Teachers make sure that technology used correctly in teaching so that it will help pupils to their future careers and incorporate them to learning.
    As our understanding of how students learn expands along with the rapid improvement of technology, we must find ourselves as the pilot of a new era of education. A role model for a positive change of an individual. The millennium era of education.

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  6. As a teacher we play vital roles in the lives of our students. we are the best known of educating the students that are placed in their care.
    As we learn more about the needs of our students, lets consider how can we meet their needs and expectations . It is not necessary to abandon traditional lecture or other tried and true instructional strategies but adapting them to suit the millennial to effective teaching and learning

    We are in the 21st century, technology has change the ways in which we communicate and go about our lives. it also changes how teachers conceptualized through providing students with more information, supporting an active role in the classroom for students, increasing student motivation and providing new tools to use in the production of information. Computers, the Web and related technologies have not only changed everyday life and work immeasurably, they also have altered the way in which students are educated.

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  7. Teachers are considered lights to shine upon darkness, thus keeping the whole world great with their amazing ways……
    a. We battle ignorance by our teachings
    b. We advocate peace, love and unity
    c. We promote programs of the goveenment
    d. We eradicate malpractices
    e. We fight crisis by way of motivating the youth to be responsible individuals and to conserve energy and natural resources
    f. We help our clientele understand every life’s detail
    g. We promote understanding and camaraderie
    h. We mold the youth to be upright citizens for the country
    i. We serve as guiding light
    j. We help people understand and overcome trials that may come along their way
    k. We teach them values through the different areas in the curriculum

    With that, if we continue sharing the goods while serving, we are achieving our goals, mission and vision.
    We are directing our learners in the right path and most likely they will come up with the right direction.

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  8. Teaching millennial generation is indeed a great challenge to us educators. Despite of the efforts of our government, school administrators and teachers to be abreast with the new technologies and adopt it to education, still, not enough to engage our students totally in learning.
    I think to bridge the gap between expectancy and reality, teachers should be equipped first with appropriate and necessary knowledge for us to be well verse when it comes to manipulating technology and it should be not the other way around. And even if we have the necessary skills and knowledge, technologies at school must be always available at hand. It is not necessary to abandon though, traditional teaching, we need to adapt to changes to cater the needs of our millennial students.
    The second thing that we should look into consideration is our students values formation. These digital natives as they are called, consider computer not as a technology but as part of their lives. They are “multitaskers” where they engaged themselves in different activities simultaneously. They do their homework while texting or listening to music and even watching television. We should inculcate to our students the values when it comes to using technology.

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  9. The millennial learners may be quite different from us since they grew up with internet. They practically want to be always “connected”, may it be in the cyber world or in the real life. If we want to teach them, we as educators must aim to abruptly catch their attention. We always have to trigger their curiosity in order for them to have eagerness to learn. Triggering their curiosity by means of always stating the relevance of our lesson. We must straight forwardly connect your lesson on how they could apply it to their life. They must always find it substantial in any other way. Not only that, but we must also deliver it with the use of a variety of learning method. Millennials are always up to challenge. They would always welcome something new to interest them. Most importantly, as an educator we must develop or offer a conducive learning environment to the millennial learners because they are very social people. They would love a friendly environment where they could easily open up and connect, and where they would feel their importance as part of a group because their voices are heard. Once we established that environment, I believe millennial learners would be always want to stay connected in your daily our lessons.

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  10. The Checkpoint
    Education needs collaboration of students ,teachers ,schools and government. Athough most of the time the people in the government who design curriculum really do not feel the struggles of people who execute what they implemented in the field.
    They have high expectations which was not met most of the time because it is totally different in reality.A lot of factors also affects the teaching- learning process in school.
    21st century learners is highly connected with technology advancement .This generation has some different characteristics allowing us teachers to implement different approach in education which is really a great challenge on our part as teachers.
    Today’s generation is immune from such rigid school and strict rules which are not effective anymore. Teachers have to know how to make them go to school voluntarily and fully motivated. The classroom has to be designed to provide enough space for improving students imagination and exploration. However, teachers are the executor of curriculum in the class.
    A lot of our pupils do not know the purpose of going to school, except obligation. They start losing their interest, hardly thinking straight, and losing their attention completely therefore as teachers we should create a conducive environment where they can come excitingly ,full of self-directed knowledge ,so much more passion and information about what they want to do. It is the real learning process, they learn something when they have reason to learn it.

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    Teachers have huge responsibility in imparting knowledge, skill and values. As a teacher it is important to take this profession seriously. We can make a difference to our pupils. We can make our pupils develop holistically through the help of modern technology.
    Technology have a big impact to teacher and students in many way. It can be in a positive and negative way. Modern technology help the teacher and student to access information needed. The student develop love for learning, But modern technology can be a hindrance to learning if it is use improperly.
    We teachers need to adapt to this changes. Like the changes we have in our educational system wherein Modern technology is use as a medium of instruction and the changes in curriculum. I believe we teachers must continue to study and learn about the different trends in teaching and face the difficulty we encountered in using technology. Accept the challenges in our educational system.

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    Young ones nowadays are most inclined to the product of technologies. They become more active when they have with them the latest gadget which are in. It is also one way to be accepted in their circle of friends. But how does this technologies affect the learning of a student as if most of their time and effort are devoted utilizing their gadgets and engaging in the social media rather than studying their lessons?

    Now, the teacher as the facilitator of learning can make use of these technologies as an effective tool in the learning process since everyone possesses it. Because it can create more opportunities for both the teachers and learners to integrate technology in their classroom activities and would make it interesting and exciting for both of them. The more they can collaborate together in real time because they take away educational boundaries that would hinder the process of learning if the teacher himself will not adapt the culture of the modern learners in using the advanced educational technologies.It would also increase student’s engagement and motivation towards learning.

    But we must be aware that technologies must not replace the role of the teacher in imparting learning to our students. Although we allow them to utilize it in our classroom we should not neglect the proper values of utilizing it and made each students realized that. Sooner or later the students who are open to use it can become an advantage for him in a competitive modern world.

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  13. There are times when I get irritated when students do not pay attention to the class and get busy doing others things. “ Teacher factor” is always thought of as the reason for such. While I agree to that fact, there is this part of me that questions kung ano pa ba ang kulang ko bilang teacher? There being Millenials and the implications that go with it are some of the reasons why I take effort to keep abreast of what is the trend in educational technology. It even reached to a point that I decided to equip myself with some of the equipments and technology just to make teaching relevant to them. I bought laptop, overhead projector, speaker, tablet, attended seminars on what and how to use software applications in teaching, downloaded a lot of resources and materials from the internet, etc. While it is true that these things help, still there are few students who seem to be unmindful and do not care about what is going on in the class.
    I think what makes learning exciting is not because of the technology employed. There seems to be a lot of factors that need to be considered. There is a need to revisit the curriculum and evaluate if it is still as relevant as it is during the time it was designed. Baka kasi ang mga kagamitan at pamamaraan lang ng pagtuturo ang nagbabago at hindi ang aralin mismo-if it is what they expect to get based on their needs. Things that do not meet the students’ needs are irrelevant to them and therefore difficult for them to understand because they could not relate it.
    Another thing that needs to be looked into is the teaching-learning environment. Overcrowded classrooms, noise coming from the streets, other classrooms, and establishments nearby and other mitigating factors are hindrances to an exciting teaching-learning experiences. Conduciveness of the place where joyful and enjoyable learning experiences are supposed to take place is a big factor.
    Indeed, it is a big and difficult responsibility “to teach minds, touch hearts and transform lives” of students. It needs the collaboration and partnership of all the stakeholders.

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  14. Technology is everywhere. Technology already serves as an extraordinary tool to shape and enhance the learning environment. Along with equipment, digital literacy skills are absolutely necessary to ensure the technology is used to supplement—and not substitute for—high-quality instructional methods. Especially the new generation is growing up with technology and gets familiar with it. Computer technologies have dramatically changed the way people reach information, do research and communicate with people all around the world. Because of this reason, teachers need to be aware of improving their technological tools and skills to be able to catch the students` attentions and interests.
    Technology is just another tool in the toolbox of a good teacher. Technology expects teachers to give the students middle stage in the classroom, providing opportunities to explore and inquire for their learning.
    As a teachers we should act as guides, facilitators and advisors, building linkages between their students’ individual interests and understandings and the common skills and knowledge society expects them to acquire. Using technology in classrooms also makes the lesson more efficient. We must always inculcate to our students the value of using technology.

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  15. The CHECKPOINT…..
    Students nowadays live out their lives online and this is problematic. A generation who does not understand people with different backgrounds or beliefs to them are unlikely to make a generation of great leaders. A generation who does not understand the world around them are less able to persuade it, affect it, and appreciate it. As a teacher, the challenge for this generation is not an easy one. It is impossible to connect with students on any level until you know the knowledge and experience they bring to the classroom, so we need to meet them where they are. And know where to adapt our pedagogy to meet their needs. They are extremely relational. They are more central to their parents’ lives than previous generations and are used to having the adults in their lives show great interest in them. They appreciate it when teachers show that same interest, and they seem to be more willing to pursue learning outcomes when we connect with them on a personal level. Students are going to be more likely to work toward achieving their learning outcomes if they have a positive rapport with us… You don’t have to be their best friend. You just have to be perceived as being on their side.”
    My challenge as an educator is to understand the unique perspective of my students. My goal is to become culturally competent in hopes of preparing them to be culturally competent as they encounter those from diverse backgrounds.

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  16. We are blessed to have genius people around us. They created technology and they continue to enhanced it every second. But it seems something don’t go well when it comes to education.
    As a teacher, technology really helps us to do better and to teach better. Sometimes we used technology just to exaggerate the lesson for better understanding. But when it comes to our students, they become lazy and they depend always on technology. Google the assignment and print it out, no effort at all, its OK for them to pay than to use their creative minds. And most of the parents nowadays simply download videos for their kids, there opportunity to talk or hanging out with their kids were not given priority.
    For me, though we’re surrounded of everyday breakthrough of technology, still, we, teachers are still the best tool for learning. The discipline and value of perennial should not be forgotten, because they still contribute for better education.
    Let us give thanks to the most genius of all, our God. Let us have the power to balance technology in our lives and in education, don’t let technology control us… 🙂


  17. Technology plays a big part of our lives today, it has certainly changed the way we live. When in comes to learning, technology plays a vital role,it has a big impact on our education.It revolutionized the field of education. We cannot ignore how important technology in school. With the use of computers it has become easier for teachers to impart knowledge and for students to acquire it. The use of technology has made the process of teaching and learning all the more enjoyable and exciting.

    Expectation???- Educators and learners enjoy the perks of technology such us: (some are lucky to enjoy the perks of modern technology but not all)

    Easy access to information
    Greater interest in learning
    Increased retention of information
    Robust information storage
    Better presentation of information
    Teaching made interactive
    Knowledge sharing made easy

    The above expectations are all feasible and realistic. But—-

    In Reality- “MILLENIAL GENERATION still do not get the help that they need that would make them totally engaged in their learning.” Because of the following reasons;

    Lack of rigid training for educators
    Lack of facilities and resources
    Lack of support from the government

    For me, I think the following reasons above are the mean reason on why until know we’re leaving behind compare to the other countries that give more attention and importance to quality education. How can we achieve positive results from our students if we have limited resources? If our government can’t provide classrooms, high standard learning materials and resources. This is the “Realty” that the past/present/future generations are experiencing for a longest time. The reality that we need to bear and we have to accept. (because we’re living in a 3rd world country that poverty and corruption is very rampant.)

    Reality & Expectations -– where will both ends meet? – I think we’re still half way to the reality that we can’t ignore and need to cope up with and the expectations that we always hope for. As of the moment we’re still in a transition period of Kto12 curriculum where technology is very useful and engage in the daily learning process of the students. As an educator, I still have high hopes that we can cope up and able to provide the best of modern technology can offer to our students. Through our own little way we can do great things in helping our students to achieve their best potential. Just believe and show your great effort. 🙂


  18. I came/grew from a far far away island where the only people we see in uniform and in good attire are our elementary teachers and seldom shoulders or police. When i was in grade 4, i asked my papa on how to be like them… and he said “mag-aral ka”… that’s the only word that motivates me to study. Even the high school is 18 kilometers away and the only to go there is walking through hills and mountain rocks that made me stay in a dorm for 8 years to finish my studies.
    The millennials learner are maybe destructed of the technology that we have nowadays. Or maybe they are not that motivated to learn. They don’t see the importance of education. And what will happen if they don’t have this in the future.
    As teacher, it is our responsibility to help the parents encourage and motivate each child to learn and be educated. Let us fill there minds the importance of all the things they can have in school. We can use this destruction as a tool for them to learn. Let us always remind them the weaknesses of this technology that might affect them.


  19. In a world where children are “growing up as millennial learners ,” it’s important to help them learn healthy concepts of digital use and citizenship. Parents play an important role in teaching these skills.
    Media and digital devices are an integral part of our world today. The benefits of these devices, if used moderately and appropriately, can be great. But, research has shown that face-to-face time with family, friends, and teachers, plays a pivotal and even more important role in promoting children’s learning and healthy development. Keep the face-to-face up front, and don’t let it get lost behind a stream of media and tech.To help parents manage the digital landscape they’re exploring with their children,they should treat media as they would any other environment in their child’s life. The same parenting guidelines apply in both real and virtual environments. Set limits; kids need and expect them. Know their children’s friends, both online and off. Know what platforms, software, and apps the children are using, where they are going on the web, and what they are doing online.Set limits and encourage playtime. Tech use, like all other activities, should have reasonable limits. Unstructured and offline play stimulates creativity. Make unplugged playtime a daily priority, especially for very young children. And—don’t forget to join with children in unplugged play whenever you’re able.

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  20. The Millennial generation has grown up with technology and feel it extremely comfortable with it, as technology is a natural extension of their behavior.
    Some educators face growing challenges as they teach their students using technology that is evolving everyday. This will help educators understand and embrace information and communication technologies (ICT’s) to create better learning environment for students.

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  21. The check point
    Technology helps us to make our work easy,for me as a teacher I used some gadgets to.enhance the.skills and learning for my pupils.but in reality.I’m effort to.cure their.ignorance or shall.we.say their curiosity. Technology is said full of fun thrill and adventure. It offers activities to any websit/site just search of anything what we want, nowadays a lot of people engage technology.and mostly.people forgot that technology has an effect to us. Children don’ to browse their notes and notebooks. They like to used.thier technology, and for me there is nothing wrong to.used technology but in.a.small one like a needs parental.guidance. As an educator we need technology but we should not, indeed it helps us. It gives color to.our social life and gives us more information. I really believed that technology how.we use,where.we use and why we used it. Teachers in the 21st.century should be and teachers should be globally competitive and highly competent not only.for their selves but for their pupils/students.

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  22. We are the Millenial Educators… The 21st century teachers educating the Millenium Learners…
    Technologies may said to be helpful in todays educatonal system but the these technologies actually sets a gap on the true essence of learning.
    Therefore, the skills alone in using these new technologies is not enough to become successful. We and the students may be knowledgeable enough in manipulating those new technologies, but if we are lacking of the essential values in life, we are nothing but just facilitators of learning without a heart.
    As i always mention to my students, that education is not enough and is not the sole criteria to become successful in life… That the best formula to success is the combination of education/knowledge, moral values and faith in God….
    The missing link therefore is the moral values that needs to be instilled on our learners… And as educators, we greatly take part on this… Because “we can’t give what we don’t have… “

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  23. I do like the name our school’s acronym COES (Comembo Elem School) which stands C reating O pportunities for E veyone to S ucceed. This should be our desire for all students especially Filipino students. It really good if our students have enjoyment in coming to school. It is important that we,teachets, are the one who do ways to encourage them to come to school. Make classroom activiies interesting and enjoyable. Have games and contest be part of the learning activities. The use of technologh will really make the lesson exciting to the students. With these activities drop outs will be lessen. I remember our DepEd Makati Superintendent Dr Dominico C. Idanan once said that since Education is For All (EFA), we should bring all children in school, have them stay in school and give them quality of education. We educators have great responsibility to make this possible. May our Almighty God grace us all to touch our heart to do our part as educators. May we have wisdom to take a step and love what we do- making a difference.


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