What to do When You Are Broken

Nakatambay ka ba?
Nakatambay ka ba sa problema na dapat ay dinadaanan mo lang?
Friend, if you sometimes feel so broken, here’s what God wants you to do:
At the end of it all, ‘di mo kailangang tumambay in your brokenness. Your scars will connect with others’ stories if you let your learnings from it FLOW!
Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 9.38.32 PM

One thought on “What to do When You Are Broken”

  1. Thanks Dr. Montero for reminding us again on the right way to deal with difficulties..My 2 blessings died at their very young age of 13 and 19. Actually my brother,19, was just recently died last August 8 of this year-just 5 days after my birthday celebration. No matter how I wonder why this is happening to our family but I will never understand the wisdom God. Instead, I’ll just lift everything to Him and trust Him with all of my heart.

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