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What to do When You Are Broken

Nakatambay ka ba?
Nakatambay ka ba sa problema na dapat ay dinadaanan mo lang?
Friend, if you sometimes feel so broken, here’s what God wants you to do:
At the end of it all, ‘di mo kailangang tumambay in your brokenness. Your scars will connect with others’ stories if you let your learnings from it FLOW!
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Could “they” have “you”?



The Canvas of Society by Joey Velasco in is just within our realms — a painter’s transformative journey through the children’s afflictions, desires, and deliverance from their circumstance that can reach across generations and cultures.

The likes of Nene, Itok,  Imong, Onse, Buknoy, Michael, Joyce, Tinay, Dudoy, Jun at Roselle & Sudan — 12 characters whose cries no one hears, whose scars are already in their being, whose eyes pierce through, whose minds are innocent yet vulnerable to get tempted by the needs unmet, whose character is subject to ridicule … have you ever asked yourself what you can do for them?

“baka may magawa ka pa!” 

The likes of them who have the ardent hope that “They have Jesus” — could be there just within the four corners of the classroom.  How could you give life to them? How could you reach out to that one soul who still wants to be complete despite being shattered? — that every single soul, longing for one who could listen and understand, who could give guidance and counsel?

What is your commitment then — to them, who are expecting to be noticed while you actually gaze at them in those corners of your eyes?

How could you help calm the storms that others have been through?  What could you do to help others’ life not to be wasted?

How much of yourself could you offer to address the needs of those eyes who need not speak?

How much of your time could you share to embrace the situation of those hearts which cannot feel that they are worthy of another’s love and attention?

I know you could be one’s source of hope. This may be the time that while you are challenged to scrutinize your students’ stories to be of significant help, you may as well WORK ON YOUR OWN STORY! For at the bottom of the line, you can never really share what you don’t have.

Let your story be that one which brings inspiration to other’s hopelessness. What you have at hand might just be those five loaves and two fishes — too little as it may seem, but as long as you give God your “Amen”, no amount of yourself will ever be too small. #sunset



Your Cross is a Symbol of Life

Are you having difficult time right now?  Do you feel that you’re carrying a cross at this point in time? 

Don’t feel too low Dear Friend, God can transform your difficulties to grace!  

In today’s Gospel, Jesus challenged His disciples to collaborate with His mission by carrying their cross. 

In our life, we too are called to carry our cross and to follow Jesus. 

That cross which is a symbol of life and of our being saved. 

“We will not die forever bec we do not belong to death, we belong to God.” — Fr. Erwin dela Cruz

The call is for us to keep on trusting our God — for if we do, nothing could keep us apart from Him. 

Walang pagsubok at paghihirap na hindi natin kayang paglabanan because our weapon is the ressureccion of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Paying this forward, to you dear friend,  as inspired by Fr. Erwin Dela Cruz’s homily during the Mass @ The Feast SM Sta Rosa this morning, July 2, 2017. 

Photo credits: Earl Pascua, The Feast SM Sta Rosa

Bridging the GAP for Transformation Towards Higher Horizons

“If you can align yourself with what you are passionate in doing, you are creating a change in the world.”

Starting it up @ the University of Makati for the Academic Year 2017-2018, everyone is enjoined to strive for a higher range of vision with this year’s Annual University Conference Theme: “UMAK 2017 and Beyond: Transforming Towards Higher Horizons”

Should anyone ever felt the message and the advocacy of UMak’s President, Professor Tomas B. Lopez Jr., you would end up asking yourself, “What direction should I personally take to make a marked change that would aid transformation and beyond?”

During his Talk, President & CEO of Serbisyo Filipino Inc., Group of Companies/Career Center, Mr. Luis Alberto A. Anastacio II cited the truth that only 40% out of the 1000 applying candidates would pass job interviews. Sadly, most people would be going home with broken souls because they cannot fit themselves in the job that they’re expecting to be in.  In a recent study for Career Readiness, The Philippine Talentmap Initiative Comparative Result in April 2017 revealed that: [1] Problem Sensitivity, [2] Decision Making, [3] Planning & Organizing, [4] Innovation and [5] Creative Problem Solving are the competencies which we need to address in  the NCR area and even in the entire Philippines. University of Makati’s Talentmap Result show that the Top 5 Skills of students are the following: [1] Multitasking; [2] English Functional; [3] Math Functional; [4] Workplace Ethics and [5] English Comprehension. Low 5 Skills, however, are: [1] Creative Problem Solving; [2] Innovation; [3] Planning and Organizing; [4] Decision Making and [5] Teamwork.

Now, what does such result imply?

Our students may be able to exhibit basic communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening; they may also be capable of setting priorities in the present time with such an ease; — yet, they have mild to moderate level of difficulty in executing higher-order thinking skills that are involved in challenging the status quo since they tend to be reserved in all, if not most of their dealings that require divergent thinking.

Mr. President & CEO of Serbisyo Filipino Inc. highlighted the following Implications of such Talentmap result:

  • the need to develop higher-order thinking and socio-emotional/affective skills of the students;
  • the need for evidence-based career development services and programs to develop the knowledge, skills, and values of the programs to develop the knowledge, skills, and values of the students that are required by the world of work;
  • the need for curriculum review/mapping and/or curriculum integration to highlight foundational workplace competencies; and
  • the need to capacitate the faculty in teaching and contextualizing workplace competencies in their lessons and learning activities.

Unfortunately, we are quite far from the reality of what is ideal and expected.

There is a workforce skills gap!

We should find what that GAP is. 

Perspectives and possibilities … what is it that we should really find?

If we are in the business of educating people because our greatest asset in the workforce is these people,  should we not be bothered to help our students in finding their worth as they strive to mobilize and progress to the battlefield?

Something should be done to bridge the academe and the industry.  So, what direction should we take then, to fill in such GAP?

While pondering intently and taking into account by heart the advocacy of  President Tomas B. Lopez Jr and his unique mind, I personally came up with some directions based on the inputs of Mr. Anastacio II in his talk,  and on my own contemplations.  Whether you’re a UMak educator or not and you happen to bump into this article, I intend to share these thoughts with you here, hoping that  in one way or another, we may find it very significant to create a passage en route for higher horizons:

 ASSESS! We should go back to the basics of looking into what’s within every being — first and foremost that of our OWN.  We can humbly strive to do SELF-ASSESSMENT for us to be reminded of our BIG WHY — not just to earn a living but to serve the deep purpose of our existence as an EDUCATOR.

WORK ON YOUR OWN COMPETENCIES. We can never give what we don’t have. The 21st Century Skills Framework that should be fulfilled in our students should prominently be the same competencies that we should strive to work up for ourselves. We need to reorient ourselves and to learn how to think outside of the box.

photo credits

DECIDE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF YOUR STUDENTS.  Once you have empowered yourself with such competencies, the next BIG THING is to make way that those Values and Ethics should be embedded in the curriculum.  Planning and Assessments on how we are going to include measures to improve these skills in our curriculum are, by all means, A MUST!

DEVELOP CAREER PATHWAYS that are based on assessments so as to address the Talentmap Results. Collaborate with the academe  –- so that by the time they leave our custody,  they already have the Employability Skills that would equip them elsewhere as they work for their career development.

EMPOWER YOUR STUDENTS. Train them to be SELF-DIRECTED in developing HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILLS aside from the help and assistance that they get from their mentors.  Help them identify the basics of leadership so that they could be more ARTICULATE and confident in presenting themselves in the industry. Encourage them to DREAM BIG and become persistent in executing their plans for their own growth.

BE A CAREER ADVOCATE.  Preparation for Professional route should have started in Kindergarten.  Yet, not many of our students were guided accordingly that’s why most of them don’t really clearly know their passion; they cannot identify what they truly love doing. In our own special ways, we could intently point them to their “true north” by providing them with significant activities that would define their goals and opportunities.   This Career Development Framework could be of great help:

photo credits:

If only we could exert utmost effort for these sense of purpose, we would eventually realize that what would bridge the academe and the industry is actually our personal commitment not only to fulfill our purpose as an educator but to give the most we could to help people FIND THEIR WORTH.

If only we would strive to undertake alterations and modifications in the delivery in our educational system, we could positively respond to the challenge given to us by Executive Vice President Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega:

“We should know where we are in making our students complete at the end of the semester of his stay in UMak.”

We could also take action towards the mandate to us by Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Elexzur C. Ramos:

“We’ve got to love what we are doing because it’s our purpose. A man has responsibility; not merely power!”  

If only we can align ourselves with what we are passionate about, only then, could we create a change in the world  — when we could bring ourselves beyond the limits of higher horizons.  #trendingprofgailmontero





God’s promise will be fulfilled in you soon! It may not be just as you expect but just keep on doing the right thing & trust God’s way. 
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Invisible to the Eyes

“Sometimes you just want things that are not essential for the moment. Look w/in & realize that what you actually need is some time with yourself — for you to understand that what’s essential is invisible to the eyes.” 

                                          on canvas by relyngail montero @ ArtSignaturebyRGandMom

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Imagine your Reality!

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You’ve been pained? … You felt small? Once, twice, so many times? and Somebody caused it?

BOUNCE! Be harder than you never thought you would be!

The person who caused you the pain could be the ground you fall in. But the harder you are, You will just bounce and never will stay where somebody made you feel down.

Strive to IMAGINE …

Paint a beautiful picture of you, overcoming that “feeling small”. No one could really bring you down if you wouldn’t allow yourself to feel so low!

Plan how to produce the dream that God has placed in your heart and trust that God’s anointing would eventually heal the pain of being belittled. Imagine your dream becoming a reality!

Claim that 2017 will be your BEST YEAR EVER!

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Train yourself for Real Life

Normal na buhay estudyante: Commute to school & back home — as to your schedule. Aral & school works — as to professors’ requirements. 

You are like a pencil, you are like being sharpened each time — which means, it’s also normal if nahihirapan ka! But each time you “keep on” despite difficulties without complaining more often, and without becoming bitter of your situation, notice that you are becoming better!


Kapag kasi di mo nakikita ang INSPIRASYON sa ginagawa at mga dapat mong gawin, that is a clear indication na kahit ang DIREKSYON na dapat mong tahakin ay di mo din totoong nakikita kasi sarili mong pagka-akala ang pilit mong sinusunod — without you realizing na ikaw mismo ang nagpapahirap sa sarili mo dahil sa sistema na hindi akma sa REAL WORLD na dapat mong harapin sa totoong buhay. 

Tamang oras ng pagtulog, tamang budget ng oras na walang “on the sides” na paningit, totoong disiplina na kahit walang nakatingin ay ginagawa mo kung ano ang magpapatapos sa gawain mo, organized na environment na malaki ang effect sa pagiging organized ng thoughts & dispositions mo — ito sana ang akma sa totoong buhay at ganito dapat ang ginagawa mo if you are allowing yourself to be held in God’s hands! 

Sa totoong buhay kasi, hindi ka magtatrabaho na ikaw lang ang tao sa mundo kaya di mo dapat gawing excuse na kaya sa gabi ka hindi natutulog ay dahil di ka makapag isip kapag maraming tao. For the truth is, you are actually secluding yourself from listening to God’s DIRECTIONS if you keep on defending your excuses & not DO THE RIGHT THING. 

Buhay Estudyante: you are like a pencil, you become better everytime you are being sharpened kasi “what’s inside of you” which is your “led” cooperates than break. If “what’s inside of you” is grateful of what you have, you will choose “to listen w/your heart”. If you don’t break, then you will become a successful pencil, doing your purpose because you allowed God to be REALLY IN CONTROL — and that is thru your parents who may never know everything about “what you don’t tell ” — but who are just there, striving to guide you to the direction that you should take. 

If afterall things are always difficult for you despite that you have most of what you need than what you still expect to have, maybe you should then strive to look around using your heart that there are persons who do not even have a little of what you do not appreciate. Maybe some do not even get reminders & guidance from their parents — thing that you choose not to consider more often — even if they are already to striving for their life for your sake. 

Keep up that SPARK! Moving Up 2016


11th Commencement Exercises

30 March 2016. Ligaya ng Panginoon Diego Silang BCDA, Ususan, Taguig City


Theme: “Kabataan Mula sa K to 12, Tagapagdala ng Kaunlaran sa Bansang Pilipinas”


“EXCITED AKO!” … what about you?  Do you dare believe in the power of “YOU”?  Do you believe “na MAGALING KA?”  Do you ever tell this to yourself?


Let me prove it to you! See how you’ve given out your best in these pics:

So, tell it to your SELF now: “Aba, MAGALING PALA AKO!”

Our beloved 17 Grade Six and 36 Preschool Graduates, Congratulations!  It is indeed an honor for me, NOT AS YOUR GRADUATION SPEAKER  but as GOD’S MESSENGER to this Highly Significant occasion.

Our Honorable Directress DR. ELISA G. CHUA, esteemed Teachers, supportive Staff, valued Parents of Batch 2016 Graduates of SPARK Academy of Global City, “Merci Beaucoup!”[French] … “Thank you very much!” … “Daghang Salamat!” … “Mil Gracias!” [Spanish] “a thousand thanks.”. “Maraming Salamat po!” This momentous event could not have been possible if not because of you and the many ways of saying “thank you” could never be enough to reward what you’ve done to these graduates!

YOU WERE THE “HANDS that HELD” each of your child’s CONFIDENCE.

You were there while they were having difficult times.  Everytime they commit mistakes, you extended your patience to correct and guide.  Even if you have your own problems, your commitment never gave up  because there within your heart … YOU LOVE! … and for that, YOU ROCK!

And hey, NO MATTER what circumstances and in HOWEVER WAYS, your PERSISTENCE made them gather more than just memories that will forever leave a legible mark on who they are right NOW:

GRADUATES, could you recall how you’ve felt in those pictures?

… ‘yong mga panahon na gusto mo pang matulog pero ang kulit nina mom/dad sa panggigising sayo?  … times na di mo pala nagawa assignment mo or may nakaligtaan kang gawin dahil sa dami ng mga activities mo? .. or yong iba, dahil sa kaka-dota, kaka-fb, atbp 😀 … yong mga pagkakataon na nave-very good ka or napapagsabihan din nina sir at mam; … times na halos mag-friendship over na kayo dahil sa mis-understandings … atbp …

Through the years, months, weeks … there were experiences na malungkot, may masaya, may nakaka-bad trip, may nakaka-good vibes … EVERYTHING HAPPENED FOR A PURPOSE!

“Ang galing nyo dahil lahat ‘yon, nalagpasan nyo – kaya eto, MOVING UP na kayo! Pero UMPISA PA LANG LAHAT ito NG PWEDE NYONG MAGAWA!

“Kabataan Mula sa K to 12, Tagapagdala ka ng Kaunlaran sa Bansang Pilipinas” FROM THIS DAY ONWARDS, you will be MOVING UP to another level in your life.

Tandaan mo lang: Kabataan, may sikreto kung paano ka magiging parte “kaunlaran na ito!” Ask me HOW?  … let me share with you this parable :

video credits to:

Kabataan, ang sikreto kung paano ka magiging Tagapagdala ng Kaunlaran sa Bansang Pilipinas?

BE LIKE that PENCIL in the Parable!


WAG KANG MANIWALA LANG na magaling ka; instead, MAGTIWALA KA that we have our GOD na tutulungan kang makagawa ng magagandang bagay para sa kung “ano ang gusto mong MAGING” … teacher, doctor, engineer, entrepreneur… ALLOW GOD to work in your life para magawa mo ang PURPOSE MO.


That pencil needs to be sharpened as needed para magawa nya ang task nya: TO WRITE! Masasaktan ka habang tinatasahan, pero pagkatapos ay magiging mas maganda ang sulat mo para mabuo mo ang istorya ng buhay mo na walang ibang susulat kundi IKAW!


God has given you an ERASER para maitama mo ang bawat pagkakamali NA HINDI SINASADYA!  Yes, make sure na hindi mo sinasadyang ulit-ulitin ang pagkakamali kasi ang eraser kapag lagi mong ginagamit sa iisang mali, nauubos, nasasayang.


“Whatever is inside of you” will come out in your words and in your actions and what God wants: that you MAKE YOURSELF STRONG in the INSIDE para hindi ka madaling mabali kahit na minsan o madalas ay mahihirapan ka.”


Ipakilala mo “kung sino ka”, Wag mong pigilan ang mga pwede mong maisulat na maganda tungkol sa’yo kasi remember, “YOU ARE HELD IN GOD’S HANDS”!

Katulad ko, maging EXCITED KA na isulat ang pangarap mo!  Maging EXCITED KA SA KUNG ANO ANG KAYA MONG GAWIN … kasi, “MAGALING KA!” … “YOU ARE AWESOME”

Tell it to yourself NOW: “I AM GREAT, I AM AWESOME”

Do you know WHY? … kasi “YOU are HELD IN GOD’S HANDS!”

At ang pinakahuling sikreto: makalimutan mo man ang LIMA huwag lang ito: LISTEN – not just with your ears; but with your heart!  YOU AS THAT PENCIL, you can only WRITE WELL if you LISTENed WITH YOUR HEART!

GRADUATES, kung naramdaman ninyo sa puso nyo ang halaga ng ilang taon na pinaghirapan ninyo, ng mga magulang nyo at ng SPARK ACADEMY OF GLOBAL CITY para sa inyo …at kung pinakinggan ninyo ang PAGMAMAHAL nilang lahat na hindi nag-give up sa inyo hanggang sa araw na ito, YOU, AS THAT PENCIL COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE  –you will eventually be able to fulfill your ROLE AS A YOUTH: kakayanin ninyong magdala ng Kaunlaran sa ating Bansang Pilipinas dahil una nyong pina-unlad ang inyong sarili – you can only give what you have!

And for that, please don’t miss the chance [as you sing later on] to pay gratitude to God, to your parents and to your mentors. Give them your warmest hug and your sincerest “thank you” – but most importantly, keep such gratefulness deep within and tell yourself, this SPARK will always remain in me: Spiritual.Patriotic.Artistic.Responsible.Knowledgeable!

Once more, our Honorable Directress DR. ELISA G. CHUA, esteemed Teachers, valued Parents of this Batch and 2016 Graduates of SPARK Academy of Global City, KUDOS to you all, God is smiling at you, CONGRATULATIONS!!!