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What should a “21st Century Manager” BUILD?

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Source: What should a “21st Century Manager” BUILD?



Sometimes we just need to look somewhere deep within

— for us to see what there is to be thankful for.


” A lot of what we have right now” are not all because of our own effort alone; but many we’ve received because WE ARE LOVED!” — It is only when we realize this truth in all humility that we would eventually start striving to fulfil something for others too!

God have given us that much and He wants us to learn to be able to manage every bit of what we are receiving.  WHY? — because He wants us to LEAVE A LEGACY!

Where your treasure is

God’s love is like the rain — the amount of what we receive depends upon what we’re bringing to “go get some” of God’s blessings — but most importantly, WHAT WE DO WITH WHAT WE’RE GIVEN would matter a lot and would make a lot of difference!

SO, what am i actually insinuating? What are we doing with the little or the many that we are receiving? … GO, SPARK FOR A DREAM — THERE WITHIN YOUR HEART!

We determine the amount of love that we receive! When we start to give some, we will not be content with what we can still give — because WE FEEL that we want to FIND MEANING in LIFE!

We’re never too old not to grab as of yet this opportunity to dream! And so, since we are enrolled in this Course “School Plant and Property Management”, why not FIND MEANING and START BUILDING OUR LEGACY?

whatever you give on earth

Years gone are but preparations which lead us to what we should do at the right time — how we respond now would be AN INSPIRATION IN SHAPING A FUTURE — all because we deep within us is that GRATITUDE that we want to GIVE BACK such LOVE!

Get some inspiration and learn the HOW,  through this LOVELY young lady’s blog: DreamBoard.

We surely would want to leave a legacy when people would eventually tell that God has been at the CORE of “our being” because we’ve responded to a certain God-given mission which is TO AFFECT HUMANITY and to STORE UP OUR WEALTH deep within somebody’s heart!


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Why Care for something which is not yours?

Who would GET INTERESTED if after all the “claiming for what belongs to us”, we would soon end up shrugging our shoulders that we don’t really own anything at all?

Silly, right?

BUT here we are, in this course on Management!

Within the whole Semester, we would be talking about “managing” School Plant and Property — which isn’t OURS!


SURELY, you wouldn’t be wasting your time, thriving for the 18 Saturdays of your life,  only to end-up not knowing your PURPOSE! — not really that you don’t have a choice than to be here because you could actually mention all the reasons in the world to justify your every absence in class! [*grins*]

SO THEN — WHY still DEAL ON MANAGEMENT besides any point?

Why would you care for something which is NOT YOURS?

What would it take for you to be able to DO IT WELL?

What is there to LOOK FORWARD TO after all?