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Advanced Foundations of Education

What do you Tend to Forget?

“Man, a Being that Forgets”???

ANTHROPOLOGY, being the study of mankind and all its aspects is one of the Foundations of Education for it looks into the distinct characteristics, way of thinking, feeling & acting of the SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE.  

Being exposed to various circumstances, Sir Edward Talylor, an Idealist Philosophical Scholar of Plato articulated that a certain “complex whole” is being cultivated until man makes himself “belong” to social practices — thus the so called CULTURE: “cultura”/”cultus” = care – where man is eventually faced with the issues of “freewill” and the relationship between rightness and goodness.

Anthropologists contend that it is “human nature” to “gradually accept shared beliefs and values of group through ENCULTURATION & SOCIALIZATION, both LEARNING PROCESSES which eventually tribe people to a complete package of a certain culture called RACE.

Dealing with the origin, nature, and destiny of human beings,

WHAT IS IT then in ANTHROPOLOGY that we need to regard significant?

What is it then that MAN TENDS TO FORGET?

What do you, as a person then as a teacher tend to disregard?

How will you use Anthropology to affect our generation in the future?

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Work Out that Pane

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What’s your “Missing Link”?

“The only thing worse than being blind

is having sight but has no vision!” — Hellen Keller

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s determination to see what was there in the past that would pave way to something certain in the future.

Man would hope to head towards a certain direction.  Naturally, we would tend to feel that we’ve already exerted a lot of effort; we would tend to engage; and persist; and trigger on certain goals — only to find out that we’re doing things the wrong way because there are a lot  that we do not see; nor notice; nor consider.

What then should we do for us to clearly see “the WHO that we are now”?

What is it that we are possibly depriving ourselves from which block our sight to clearer vision?

Whose story “affects” your sense of direction?

What is that vision that you have gaze at?

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What link is missing?


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If you were a Cup…

BLOG POST 1. Week 3 Output

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Given the chance to choose among assortments:

porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal …

plain looking, expensive, exquisite …

Would you consciously choose for yourself the best cup? Which cup would you choose for a blend of coffee?

In some instance, we may be judged for wanting only the best for ourselves.  While others may consider that the cup adds no quality to the coffee.  What’s your take on this?

If “Life is the Coffee”, and the jobs, money & position in society are the cups which are just tools to hold and contain life , would your type of cup matter?

If they say “life is like a cup of coffee”,                           
how would your cup make sense?

Bring it up here, if you were a cup, let this piece of thought be an avenue to tell the world — foremost to your “SELF” how THE WHO THAT YOU ARE could make a difference – not actually among the assortments – but for a BLEND OF COFFEE called “life”! #sunset