SPED, intervention program, special education, process, system


This is a course will deal w/ the basic concepts, theories & principles of Psychology & Sociology as areas of concern that will constitute a good foundation of Education. 

Specifically, it hopes to:

  1. understand better the individual by knowing his general mental ability, temperament, aptitude, interest & physical condition as basis for the nature & kind of education that he will acquire; and
  2. create an awareness that man needs to be a member of a group in order to survive: that all members of the group should make a deliberate effort to contribute something desirable to meet their needs to promote the group’s general welfare.

Since the students enrolled in the course are taking up Masters Degree Program in Special Education, activities and discussions herein are geared towards the enrichment of their being INNOVATORS in catering to the needs of their pupils/students with special needs.

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