“We Can Still Align”: The Antidote to Future Regrets

regrets by gailmontero

 2nd Sunday of Lent

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: Mk 9:2–10



Have you heard some at your age, with these lines?

“Sana pala, I didn’t give in that much, di sana ako na-broken hearted!

Sana pala, I didn’t keep secrets from my parents, na-guide sana ako!

Sana pala, di ako nagmadali, na-enjoy ko pa sana ang pagka-bata ko!

Sana pala, nakinig ako, di sana …”


Guess what, would you know that your parents share the same sentiments with you

“Kung sana lang nasabihan namin sya, di sana sya nasasaktan ngayon!

Kung sana lang nalaman namin, di naman nya kailangang maramdamang mag-isa sya!

Kung sala lang di kami na-awkward na masabihang stage parents, we could have enjoyed TIMES TOGETHER!

Kung sana lang, nakinig sya at napakinggan namin sya, di sana…”


Ang daming “sana”, ang daming time na parang nasayang na!

If dadating ka sa point na parang kulang na ‘yong time, saka mo lang masasabi sa sarili mo:

“Sayang, ‘di sana ako naghesitate na tingnan ang dapat kong makita,

‘di sana ako nagdalawang isip na sabihin ‘yong dapat kong sabihin;

naging humble sana akong ipakita at iparamdam na kailangan ko ng tulong;

kailangan kong maramdamang di ako nag-iisa.”


Millenials and “Me-linya” … come to think of it, “to each his own!” … sometimes, we just don’t realize and recognize that we both share the same sentiments towards each other in the so-called “generational gap.”

Madalas kesa minsan, we fail to make “both ends meet” kasi we are focused on our own emotions and expectations.

Today’s Gospel is reminding us to be spiritually awake and not miss God’s glory in action:

“The Lord Jesus not only wants us to see His glory –

He wants to share this glory with us.

And Jesus shows us the way to the Father’s glory: follow me – obey my words – take the path I have chosen for you and you will receive the blessings of my Father’s kingdom – your name will be written in heaven.”

We would miss God’s glory and action if we wouldn’t strive to obey “as children” and submit to the path that God has chosen for us “as parents.” The Antidote to future regret is to align as parents & child NOW!  

Life is too short, we should maximize time, appreciating and enjoying “having each other” while we still have all the opportunity to “make things up with each other”. #sunset


Article published in: The Feast San Lorenzo Bulletin. Issue #12. 25 February 2018. The Light of Jesus Family in San Lorenzo, Sta Rosa, Laguna. The Feast San Lorenzo


4 thoughts on ““We Can Still Align”: The Antidote to Future Regrets”

  1. Hi Mam Gail! I am thankful that someone like you came into my life. I feel blessed that you are more of a caring person and a very strong one…

    It is true that at times we tend to regret things because we don’t have enough courage to stand for something we believe in. We are hesitant to express our emotions and at the same time we are afraid of rejection… And with this I felt and realize that in order for us to be truly happy, we need to enjoy life on a daily basis. Showing love and care for all the people around us especially our family. Accepting each other and embracing positivity. Above all, we need to let God direct our lives for he will surely give us a lasting happiness in his arms…. – Karen

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi MS Gail,

    As we always say… stay strong.. Masaya po ako sa tuwing magkikita po tayo ng Saturday, kasi nakaka kuha ulit po ako ng mga new ideas na nanggagaling po sa inyo… sa mga experiences po ninyo na binabahagi sa amin.. na di talaga biro.. Ms Gail, being your students is a great pleasure to me.. And I thank GOD to be part of your life Ms Gail..

    GOD is always listening to our prayer… PRAYER can MOVE MOUNTAINS..

    Liked by 1 person

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