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  1. In my point of view, there is a gap between “best teachers” from an influential teachers. A teacher may become best in the eyes of the learners through the way she presented herself. Projection and confidence has an impact, she might be a good public speaker in terms of presenting theoretical information that will cover the syllabus. A Teacher may be labeled as “Best” if she meets the standards of her audience, example is by upholding grades according to the scores students earned through typical criterion.
    However on the other part, Influential teacher inculcate knowledge based on applied theory. She is not just satisfied by meeting the standard requirement to be labeled as “best” she exceeded expectations. She identifies talents and areas of opportunities, she make sure that correction and enhancement will took place abolishing the gray area, ensuring future progression. Influential teacher will leave a permanent mark in heart and in mind of her undergraduates.

    Angie Narido

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  2. Teachers inside the classroom are the role model, students look up them as pedestal of moral values, knowledge and everything, if you are an educator that served as real one…… my personal experienced for teaching almost 12 years students always remembered you the way how you are projecting yourselves, they coming back to say thank you because they really knew how sencered you are to help and mold them to a better person they need to be…..


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