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Educational Technology & Its Application

What’s in your Toolbox?


“In the eyes of a child, there is joy, there is laughter,

There is hope, there is trust

For the lessons of life, there is no better teacher

Than the look in the eyes of a child.”

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With that child looking at you each day without you noticing much …

With that person whom you’re unmindfully getting acquaintances …

With those many or several insignificant glances you’ve made with one and all …

With those eyes you’ve never met and seen such speck of joy and laughter, hope and trust — YOU COULD HAVE HAD THE CHANCE TO SHAPE THE FUTURE!

Many stories could have been touching only if told and a lot of life’s long hidden meaning could have been explored!

Dreams should have been identified during youth and plans could have already been in progress even then — SHOULD YOU HAVE MATCHED THE HIDDEN FEELINGS with whatever it is that you have RIGHT THERE – just WITHIN YOUR REACH!

TEACHER as you are or even if NOT practicing AS OF YET, so long as you CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE and so long as you enjoy CONNECTIVITY THRU SOCIAL MEDIA & other means, you have all the opportunity to learn THE LESSONS OF LIFE from each look in the eye of a child!

Much more that you are enrolled in this course, what could be your edge?

BW#2. Design

What has PEDAGOGY to do with the raging technology which is generously giving us all the options to promote quality of performances both of the teacher and of the students … and even of their parents in collaboration?

ON PURPOSE, what should you do then to LIVE-UP to that “thrill to achieve” which lies and lives deep within you?

If you are to design your own life, what purpose will you be DRIVEN at — for you to  MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the future?

“You’ve found the place to walk the path you’ve chosen

You’ll never miss the world you left behind

When life gives life, it’s happiness unbroken

When you give love, it’s love you’ll find!”

Enrichment Activity on:                                                                                                                                                                                         Learning Through Design & Technology, Principles of Designing Educational Technology, Steps in Designing ICT-Based Instruction, Factors to Consider in Selecting Instructional Method, Matching Pedagogy with ICT, Modes of Using ICT, Evaluating the Results of Instruction.

How should you Synergize?

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them,    the teacher is the most important. – Bill Gates.

SUCH A GREAT TRUST to us, Teachers … right?

Cooperative Process, Active involvement, Integration, Motivation, Socialization, Understanding, Connectivity, Creativity/innovation & Discovery – just to name some of the Principles that should influence our actions as to what is right and which is wrong every time we think of our “being the most important” mostly in motivating our students.

YET, what could have been wrong if we would consider some simple realities that there are some students who dread going to school or who get bored with the usual classroom routine, the never-ending “any question, do you understand?” lines subject-after-subject, and all the likes?

The Learner, schooling, motivation, looking-into, developmental tasks
When we fail to “look-into” our Learners …

Would you mind taking into consideration that it would take … NOT THE BEST  — rather an “influential teacher” to make THE LEARNER LOVE “LEARNING”?

Good for us to belong to the 21st Century where we no longer just have “chalk & board”, “manila paper & pentel pen” – TECHNOLOGY already have a lot to offer variations after variations – but the thing is, do we really get to SYNERGIZE these TECHs with the Basic Learning Theories, Principles & Practices?

How then should we facilitate SYNERGY in its TOTALITY?

Do you hear what your students need? Do you also listen to your own SELF?

What does your EAR HEAR everytime you’re preparing for a lesson? Everytime you would go to your next class?

REFLECT! For it might be that “such thing which you do not hear deep within yourself would be that same response that your students would have” when you’re there in that class whose lesson you didn’t really hear beforehand.#sunset

#blogpost for UNIT 2. The Synergy of Technology w/Basic Learning Theories, Principles & Practices. Educational Technology. 

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What’s the “WHY”?

Selfies, status posts, tweets, blogs, #hugotlines, captured vids and the likes — name it, the Social Media contain variations and a lot more! Whatever there are, one and all would always be excited to keep on going back to their posts and see how many likes, reactions & hits they’ve got!

Exciting, isn’t it? — but it’s all somewhere OUT THERE!

YET, THE IRONY! — deep within each show-offs are actually searching souls. Lonesome SOMEWHERE “IN THERE”! — longing deep within!

Such a vast world with interconnected connections — yet, VOID OF MEANING! And yes, for the longest time of existence of Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Tweeter, Google, Linkedin, Tumbler, Blogger and the likes, that same longing for affirmations still go on and on and on …

Technology has all been set, Apps keep on growing in variations; sometimes we no longer even know what alternative would best fit our convenience, yet still, some vastness remain not-filled-in!

But what do you think is the “WHY”?

What is there that we actually need to evaluate?

How do you give meaning to a meaningless world?

What message should come across?

What should be your technology? … How would you INSPIRE through it?

What’s YOUR CALL?  🙂

BW#1. What's your Technology?

If you were a Cup…

BLOG POST 1. Week 3 Output

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Given the chance to choose among assortments:

porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal …

plain looking, expensive, exquisite …

Would you consciously choose for yourself the best cup? Which cup would you choose for a blend of coffee?

In some instance, we may be judged for wanting only the best for ourselves.  While others may consider that the cup adds no quality to the coffee.  What’s your take on this?

If “Life is the Coffee”, and the jobs, money & position in society are the cups which are just tools to hold and contain life , would your type of cup matter?

If they say “life is like a cup of coffee”,                           
how would your cup make sense?

Bring it up here, if you were a cup, let this piece of thought be an avenue to tell the world — foremost to your “SELF” how THE WHO THAT YOU ARE could make a difference – not actually among the assortments – but for a BLEND OF COFFEE called “life”! #sunset