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Inspire Life

This juncture hopes to facilitate life as we teach outside the four corners of the classroom.

Life is out there, where each soul searches for an inspiring INFLUENCE.

As Teachers, we can never facilitate life if we are spiritually weak.  And so here,  I wanna share my Gospel Reflections which basically ponder on various scenarios in life wherein we’ve got to do some “self-introspection” while we allow God to speak to us His silent messages.

Dum in “Cor Dei”: Reflecting on The Heart of God

Strive for Reconciliations



3 thoughts on “Inspire Life”

  1. Christ deserves full-time followers, How can we inspire lives where we as a channel is broken. Every morning and evening my struggle is to ponder His word and my quiet time. But we don’t know what will be on the morrow, so we need to trust our life in God;s hand. The bible said His word are new every morning , great is thy faithfulness oh Lord. So we need not to depart from God’s word, to inspire others.


  2. The Invisible Essential
    When I looked at the picture, the first thing that captured my attention is the candle. The candle represent as Light. The second one is the book. The book represents knowledge. The third one is the empty basket. The empty basket represents the children in the classroom.
    As a classroom teacher, we are the guiding light to our pupils that entrusted in our care. We have to teach them in our best ability so they would gain all the knowledge they need to prepare for life.
    All the messy things surrounded in that pictures represent all the challenges in life. As a teacher it’s up to us how to make things in order. One thing in life is our positive outlook in life. It won’t matter how stressful the situation is, by looking at the window and take deep a breath and be stress free. By God’s grace, we would be able to teach, touch lives as our mission being a teacher.


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This site hopes to inspire YOU to think and "voice out" straight from the heart. Feel the need of making yourself INSPIRE INFLUENCE as you meet people half way.

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