Never allow Words to Limit You!

Hi, are you saying you’re DEPRESSED?

It wouldn’t really help to lock yourself up inside your [dark] room!  Why not look around, open your heart and divert your focus? Do something than allow Google and those gadgets to limit your productivity.

there is more to life

LOOK INSIDE!  — literally, inside your room – you might need to clean up some more!        — your cabinet, your study table, your bedsides, those corners, the under-bed — you might need to organize some more to give yourself the real “peace of mind” that you deserve. Get rid of those clutters that are adding up to create a clouded mind.  Go, get up & move, do yourself that big favor!

LOOK WITHIN! — literally, within the bounds of your home – there might be some tasks that are waiting for someone’s initiative since you might not have some helper and your mom just can’t do everything on her own.  Remember that being part of A HOME, you should take responsibility — not only on the basic chores.  There might be some areas in your home that might need your creative touches to get organized and spic and  span: in the den, or in the receiving area, or under the stairs, or in the powder room, or in the kitchen like the kitchen cabinets and lavatories, or in the garden, or might be in the garage too. Go, give out some willing amount of volunteerism, it will bless you more!

LOOK OUTSIDE!  — yes, literally outside the four corners of your room and of the ceilings and walls of your house! — you might need to see THE REALITY of how other people are living out a normal life OUTSIDE OF THEIR COMFORT ZONEs.

— out there, you will see how people are striving to walk from their house and get some ride with smile on their faces; some on a rush maybe, but you   will see how determined they are despite not having as yet the comforts of the car that would bring them where they have to make a living;

— out there, you will see how simple things are giving joy to people with simple           needs and you will be amazed at how thankful they are beyond happiness;

— out there, you will see how people are coping with some discomforts, yet they can manage to survive the day, simply grateful that they did.

— out there, you will see some sick people whose only choice is to HAVE A  LIFE, without allowing their illness to control how they should LIVE A LIFE TO THE            FULLEST. Go, do some observing, God brings significant messages through the people around us, it would help you a lot if you will strive to find God’s silent messages from the stories of those “others” whom you should find “significant” in one way or another or in any other way around.

Then, LOOK UP! — with your heart this time!

You need to see that God is just gazing at how you’re living your life right now.  You need to feel that God is quite sad that you’re not enjoying life as you should.  You need to hear God’s silent messages to you, through the closest people around you. Your humility to “listen with your heart” is all that it takes to discover and realize what those heartfelt messages are yearning to convey.

Pwede ka namang maglambing – it’s the simplest humility that you can extend even without saying a word. Sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all when we intend to just be meek and detach from our pride.

Sometimes, you’re just saying that you’re depressed – But the truth of the matter, alam mo kung ano? — Partly, it’s just your justifications that give you that kind of feeling.

Fact is, you just need to decide to be modest to look within, look around, look outside and finally look up, for you to realize that there are more to life than being limited by what words are dictating on you.

Have the will to LIVE OUT YOUR PURPOSE without being controlled by whatever situation you’re into. You can always prove that your will is bigger than your usual weakness.

You may BREATHE, yes tama ka, just breathe – but strive to find the right environment to breathe in.  Some places might be contaminated for you to get the right air kaya you still find it difficult to breathe; ‘di ka pa din makahinga like you wanted to — kasi, you need to humbly accept na meron ka pang mas dapat gawin kesa sa mas pinipili mong gawin as of now.

You’ve got to remember and recognize that “Blessings are to come and FLOW if you will first mend what you need to settle most importantly!

So what’s my point, my dear?  You’re not actually depressed — you are just being limited by the word itself.  Tell yourself you’re not, and you won’t be!

Take it from one who’s declaring that cancer is limited – and so it is!







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