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Your Cross is a Symbol of Life

Are you having difficult time right now?  Do you feel that you’re carrying a cross at this point in time? 

Don’t feel too low Dear Friend, God can transform your difficulties to grace!  

In today’s Gospel, Jesus challenged His disciples to collaborate with His mission by carrying their cross. 

In our life, we too are called to carry our cross and to follow Jesus. 

That cross which is a symbol of life and of our being saved. 

“We will not die forever bec we do not belong to death, we belong to God.” — Fr. Erwin dela Cruz

The call is for us to keep on trusting our God — for if we do, nothing could keep us apart from Him. 

Walang pagsubok at paghihirap na hindi natin kayang paglabanan because our weapon is the ressureccion of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Paying this forward, to you dear friend,  as inspired by Fr. Erwin Dela Cruz’s homily during the Mass @ The Feast SM Sta Rosa this morning, July 2, 2017. 

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You Can Heal Your Own Wounds

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Pls Read God’s Silent Message: Mt 5:17-37

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Would you know one of the reasons why some wounds don’t heal?

May mga sugat na halos ayaw mong gamutin kasi masakit kapag nililinis; to the point na magagalit ka pa sa naglilinis ng sugat mo kasi nasasaktan ka!

We have doctors all around to tell us how to heal our wound; we have nurses to assist and loved ones to care for us while we’re hurting…yet we end up offending them; we don’t listen to the doctor’s instructions because we’ve focused on our pain and we kept on doing the wrong thing.

What we do not realize is, we can actually HEAL OUR OWN WOUND if we would be brave enough to CLEAN IT UP BY OURSELVES by following how we were instructed.

In today’s Gospel, God  wants us to understand His intention for giving us His commandments which He yearn to be fulfilled in us. All that He expects is for us is to strive to do the right thing: overcome negativity with possibilities; triumph against every temptation to be weak; reach out to forgive those who’ve offended us and look within to forgive our own self from our wrong doings.

Our heart is the seat of our motivations. If only we will find that inspiration deep within to allow God’s love to move in our life, we would then comply as directed, follow as instructed! We won’t have to hold back the pains caused upon us, as we will no longer offend carelessly – then we wont have to endure our wounds at all! #sunset

Do not take a false oath, but make good to the Lord all that you vow.  But I say to you, do not swear at all.  Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes,’and your ‘No’ mean ‘No.’  Anything more is from the evil one.”   

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Don’t Dilly-Dally

Cor Dei 1.  3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: MT4:12-23

 “the people living in darkness have seen a great light…” — Matthew 4:16

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CHANCES … grab or drop it! 

Once in a while we’ll first have to be despicable before we’d realize that we’ve already missed a chance!  Sometimes we fall short of foresight that we overlook what should have been done at a certain required time.

I was recently bereaved by a friend who had been sick. I wasn’t able to visit her again when I started battling against mine.  I had her in my mind several times last December. I planned to call her up too, but scheds and events had just piled up until I ended receiving that sad news; Facebook feeds were filled with posts, mourning for her.  I felt so guilty; I should have told her, “let’s fight together!”; I should have made her feel stronger knowing that she’s not struggling alone. I cried hard in regret; I was just consoled when a friend told me, “marami pa kami!; we also want to hear from you!”

When you come to that breaking point that you wouldn’t want to miss chances, your only choice would be to MAXIMIZE TIME! Each time we wake up for a day, God is giving us “that invitation” to come after Him and leave our comfort zones of excuses.

Friends, today let’s IMPLEMENT that decision: REACH OUT, DO NOT DELAY!

Days may be dark at times, but if we will only consider God’s calling to “come after Him”, we will surely see the LIGHT that will mark the turning point in our life. More Dreams & Plans will materialize which will make our BEST YEAR EVER! #sunset

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“True Character is who you are and what you do — even when no one is watching you!”

Let us not be Caught “Off Guard”


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Let’s grab the chance reflecting for the First Sunday of Advent

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: MT 24:37-44

Therefore, stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come.

Ready ka na ba?

Ready ka na ba to receive more of God’s blessings?

How prepared are you to answer na “ready ka na nga?”

What if tomorrow never comes? What if today is your last chance to answer this question?

While struggling to survive, I’ve been asking this to myself. Everyday, I would reflect: “Am I really ready should this day be my last?

Anong blessing pa kaya ang pwede kong tanggapin na dapat kong ika-ready?

Today is the First Sunday of Advent which means “Coming” – a time when we have to be reminded of the reality that we are living in the end times. The coming of Jesus which we celebrate at Christmas should be a constant reminder that we have to personally prepare ourself for His final return on the Day of Judgment – which no one really ever knows when!

Thing is … how PRODUCTIVE have we been as we prepare for such day?

That feeling of rush and persistence when you anticipate that you’re at the brim of such end, ang hirap din pala. It’s as if, you want to exert every extra effort just for you to make up for the lost chances. Haisst…ganito pala, when you feel that you don’t have plenty of time, you would as much strive to be watchful of your own thoughts and decisions in embracing God’s way instead of giving-in to your weaknesses and lame excuses. It has been useless pala allowing yourself to be pressured by financial problems while you sacrifice your health – for when your health already suffers, that’s the only time you’d realize that you have actually sinned against God because your “productivity mindset” has not been for “longtime perspective”!

Way to make ourselves ready? Here’s what I’ve realized: “the currency in heaven is never any amount of money”BUT LOVE — which we need to share while preparing for His “coming”. It’s our ACT OF GRATITUDE to such love when we have accepted to play part in God’s great plan which is to make everyone of us “walk in the light of the Lord”.

Commit your work to the Lord, then it will succeed. — Proverbs 16:3

This is it I guess – the blessing that we need to be ready about! God wants us to flourish as a tree – so that we can continually give even when we’re no longer personally around to still give. #sunset


Published in FeastSMSantaRosa Bulletin. 27 November 2016 Issue.  Series: MONEY PAKYAW. Knocking Down Your Biggest Financial Problems.  Talk 3: Productivity.  The Blessings of the Lord Bring Wealth

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Let God Direct.

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: Luke 19:1-10

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Have you ever thought of the truth na kung minsan “ang tigas ng ulo mo?”

And have you ever had that feeling na minsan you dread yourself for caring less sa mga bagay na dapat ginawa mong mahalaga pero binalewala mo lang?

After all these years, I had to come to such realization … “how could I have focused a lot on certain things, yet actually “care less” on more important things?”   I’ve done all the “one-act-play” of making things perfect as I give my best; yet, I came to the point of sacrificing what could have been best for my health. With all the might of sleepless nights, I strive accomplishing more than a lot; only to regret the days that I could not even put a check mark on any task in my “to-do-list.” How could I have been so stubborn justifying on things that I want to get done with the vindication that I am actually doing it for a good cause?

With all these FLAWS, all the while I was a “Jonah”! — who had a small heart for God’s directions, yet whom God saved!–

For all a period of time, how dare me for not really being passionate about what was entrusted to me. I had to go through some dark episodes in my life, not wanting to loose what I did not take care of for the longest time — before I could realize how insensible I was to God’s love and silent messages.

Buti na lang, ang buhay, parang isang pelikula.

There could be some occurences na kahit minsan parang “series of unfortunate events” ang pinagdaanan, pero pwede pa din maging “epic” ang flow that would lead to an impressive ending.


… only if we could be HUMBLE ENOUGH to ALLOW GOD TO DIRECT the story of our life! Bawal “matigas ang ulo” kahit na ikaw pa ang main character ng istorya mo! The way we submit ourselves to our Life Director, while we submit ourselves to God in PRAYER would make a lot of difference which would make our story a BLOCKBUSTER to those whose lives we’ll touch — because we chose to empty ourself to God’s love & mercy while we strive to overcome our flaws. #sunset

==========================================================================Published in The Feast SM Sta Rosa Bulletin October 23, 2016 Issue. Light of Jesus Family BLOCKBUSTER Series: Epic Stories That Changed The World. Talk 4. Finding Jonah.

Miracles Happen There “Within”.


Some of us may have all the unanswered questions that may shatter us instead of making us whole again.

But why? … maybe because we just tend to stop rising above our weaknesses that tend to pull us down, then we delimit all the opportunities that are given to us to believe that we could actually perform our own miracles with the love and mercy of God.

Sometimes, situations tend to paralyze us in our own comforts — that we are almost blinded to see how we can touch others’ lives. Sometimes some of us are reluctant to use our sensitivity to others’ needs; yet, some of us are persistent and keep on striving for SURVIVAL just to inspire others who are already losing hope.

Friends, we may be at our weakest at this point in time. It may be more comfortable to just give in to whatever difficulty we’ve incurred because of our own lapses; it may even be easier to close our eyes and never fight against any pain – BUT it’s not God’s original design in our life!

When occurrences make us broken, we need to strive to be WHOLE AGAIN. For the times when we’re right there at the edge of giving up, we should have all the humility to seek for an ounce of Miracle — if we want to still be there for the ones we love who would never want to see us just giving up.

Yes friends, MIRACLES ARE JUST THERE IN THE DOORSTEPS OF OUR HEARTwe just need to make it happen there “within” – then declare in our actions that we’re giving our battle a good fight because we want to give hope to those who are also struggling to live for some missions yet to accomplish. “Laban lang!” #sunset

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Cor Dei. 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: LK 12:32-48

 Dear Child,

I was speaking with you but you didn’t hear me.

I wonder if you ever looked at me while I speak

— but because you didn’t even respond,

maybe you’ve set your earphones on high volume

that you shun your ears to the pleading of my intentions

to tell you how much I care,

with the words that you didn’t want to hear.

But even then, hopefully next time,

even if you have your earphones on,

you wouldn’t shun your heart to my gestures

which are hoping to reach out to make you learn the right things.

Hopefully next time, you will consider my “utmost concern”

even if you opted not to listen by now.

And with any chance,

I hope you would eventually hear me “with your heart”.

Could you relate if God would send you this letter? Would we be humble enough to admit that occasionally, we are “that child” who, at times innovate with gadgets over some “speck of respect” just because we feel that we are being hindered to enjoy whatever we think will bring us happiness?

Could you guess how God feels while composing that letter for us?

earphonesAmidst our MODERNIZED world, we should be reminded: “Don’t confuse Innovation with Morality!” Everything else may change but whatever used to be right as to God’s Commandments should never be altered & regarded “old fashioned”.

We may never be aware that God might have been *in tears* while speaking to us everyday – yet if we will only open up our heart, we would realize that no matter how repeatedly we shun our ears to His commands, He will keep on *embracing us* with His unchangeable LOVE. #sunset

*published in The Feast Bulletin. Series of 2016. 7 August 2016 Issue. PERFECT 10 Series of Light of Jesus Family. Talk 1. Unchangeable.




When we almost forfeit what we really “don’t want to lose”! 

Cor Dei: My Gospel Reflections

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Pls Read God’s Silent Message: Luke 11:1-13

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Sabi nila, kapag ang isang bagay daw ay nasira na, ayusin mo man ito, sigurado kesa sa malamang, kapag nasira pa ito ulit, mag-gi-give up na ito ng tuluyan; hindi na muling mabubuo, “goodbye na lang”!

The last thing na pwede mo na lang sabihin ay: “sayang!”

And in your thoughts, madaming “sana”!

“Sana kasi, di mo ito masyadong inabuso, ‘di mo winalang bahala, — sana kasi iningatan mo!

Restoration. Along life’s journey, madalas ito ‘yong hindi natin nagagawa until such time that we almost forfeit what we don’t really want to lose. Yong pagkasira ng isang bagay, it could also happen to us in different areas of our life: in health, in finances and in everything else.

There are times that we don’t understand why things are happening to us — there may be a lot in life that may make us “wanna give up” and just allow “goodbyes” kasi akala natin hindi na talaga maaayos ‘yong nasira na. But you know what, the truth is: “WE CAN NEVER RUN FROM GOD’S LOVE” no matter how much we’ve neglected His “being near” just to make us feel complete.

For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. – Luke 11:10

Friend, God wants us to FLOURISH in every aspect if only we will PUT GOD FIRST in our life. Despite the many risks and challenges of feeling so down, so low and dead hopeless, He wants us to STRIVE FOR RELEVANCE and enrich everything else in OUR BEING –so that we will have that FULLNESS OF LIFE.

All that it should take is for us to STRIVE TO BE WHOLE: humbly ASK, SEEK, KNOCK and GOD WILL ADD MORE TO OUR LIFE than allow “goodbyes”! 🐬😊 #sunset

Published in The Feast SM Sta Rosa Bulletin. 2016 Series. FSMSRB Issue of 24 July 2016. BELOVED Series. Talk 2: Be Whole





God wants us to PLAY ON!

I will be STILL, know you are God! …

It rained and it stormed — 45 days within those four corners of such room.

there were pains which couldn’t be identified – that my only relief was to “just cry”.

There were times when I was tempted to request God to just “let me go” to end my agony.

But then God, in His mercy would cuddle me to sleep each time I would silently weep and lift up to Him my every bit of ache. And there, in every short sleep intervals, He has given me visions of haven.

God expects us to be merciful as he is merciful.

As God has been merciful to me, how else should I not see each time I would open my eyes that my husband and our kids are there with me, “hoping that I get healed” despite the truth that I have to battle on. My only choice is TO GIVE THIS ANOTHER GOOD FIGHT – for I can never stand the thought of not being there for my husband & kids when things get rough!

With my family striving to pray with me, our brothers & sisters in The Feast & friends who sincerely pray for me, doctors & nurses who collaborate and pray for me too, my dad & mom & my sibblings who never fail to show their concern & support, my deepest way of expressing gratitude is to keep on holding GOD’S CROSS which never failed to accompany me in my plight.

It may rain on as the battle is still on – but friends, as the song says: be “STILL” in committing yourself to God’s greater mission for you – tell yourself “I AM ALIVE!” and you’ll WIN THIS STAGE.  #sunset

Is your Mom your Leader?

“A parent is a leader. It’s the most important leader in the world.”

Reading this from Bro. Bo Sanchez’ message made my mind ask so many things to myself.

I have not been so “me” lately!  I’ve been physically weak, ‘been wanting to still do a lot of things the usual that I used to, but there is this stinging unexplained pain somewhere that makes me stop just to give my body the chance to recuperate.

Good thing though, every time I stop, I ignite myself to claim for God’s healing. Humbly it would bring me to sobs because no matter how strong I want to remain, God might have been giving me such leeway for me to have that “breathing space” which would also give my kids the chance to affirm now that God is giving them “their turn” to make visible — the things that they’ve learned from their mom.

Parent as I am, I then ask myself: “had I been a good leader to my kids?”; “did I accomplish a task having been sent as a mother to them?”; “would my leadership make our kids whom God wants them to be?”

Too early as of yet to get some answer maybe … but I may just represent all the other parents out there who strive to keep that SPARK the best we could, no matter how much sacrifice we have to overcome each day; yet, just as Jesus said to his disciples, we parents do cry out for this too:

“Whoever loves me will keep my word; Whoever does not love me does not keep my words; yet the word you hear is not mine but that of the Father who sent me.” — JN 14:23-29

So for YOUths out there, as much as your parents strive to kindle their light to lead your way to God’s wisdom, may you also strive to ignite your “heart” not only to hear your parents’ voice but most importantly to “listen” to that “inspiration” coming from their deepest intention to make you a Very Inspired Person who would in turn be regarded as Very Inspiring Persons to others too – because there within your HOME, you’ve met your very first VIPs: Very Inspired & Inspiring Parents!

And to us parents, WE MAY BE WEAK AT TIMES but so long as we never turn “that spark OFF” we will always be God’s follower and our kids’ influencer! #sunset

“Leadership is intentional influence.” — Michael McKinne