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What will make education exciting is that we should TALK ABOUT US and OURSELVES!

You can make that difference when you’re already THERE in that position!

but DO NOW while you’re still WHERE YOU ARE!

Modernization of Times, as well as Global Alignments both demand Education to be “exciting” — yet Stakeholders and Cohorts do not really succeed as they should! – don’t you think so? – but WHY?

Millennial generation wants EDUCATION TO BE EXCITING! They “do not do well being passive learners” (Starlink, 2004). A group of students born between 1982 and 2000, they are also dubbed as “Millennials”. They have the characteristics unique to the digital age. Their comfort level of technology is on ipod, laptop, cell phones, computers and the Internet – at which, the students that we actually have at present are already so much exposed and even addicted to.

Institutions cannot deny the point that the “digital age” could possibly cause GAP between expectancy & actuality. The reality that education could be creating may not be what Millennials are expecting – which could be the reason why even at this point, some of our learners would still not have enough motivation to battle against their “night afters”.

Meeting students’ needs should be very crucial and should be the optimum goal of stakeholders and every educational entrepreneur.

Educational Organizers & Managers may have all the skills thereat required to get promoted to a position level after gathering years of experience in service; they may have gone through the tedious process & flow of the Essential Fundamentals of Management; and they may even have gotten several trainings on School Leadership – but what could have been wrong, or what could have been the “missing link” why the MILLENIAL GENERATION still do not get the help that they need that would make them totally engaged in their learning?

Reality & Expectations -– where will both ends meet?

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The Future that we should Take Care Of

“We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back.

It is the present that we are concerned with

and the future that we should take care of.”

– Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte, 1st SONA, 25 July 2016

The response and performance of a TEAM is the REFLECTION of its Manager’s ATTITUDE! – would you believe so?

If “Management” is the judicious use of means/resources to achieve goals; and having commands of the whole range of management skills, what can you say about Pres. Duterte’s statement which gained applause during his 1st SONA — what “manager’s ATTITUDE” is he trying to portray?

Any institution could only have worthwhile accomplishment if the one leading it has a healthy concept of what he should FIRST & FOREMOST DO to eventually meet a successful end!

With every MAN leading for a certain cause, CHANGE is not always easy – BUT it is something that we always seek out in different areas of life: in any group, in any institution, in whatever situation. Hence, one can never really EFFECT CHANGE if he does not INFLUENCE anyone.

What does it take then to be an “effective influencer”?

Making a RECALL of the activity that we did in class: [you can insert a picture of your output] the various dots that you have placed all over the sheet which you preferred to work on, how you’ve plotted/organized your dots, the innate skills that you can share, the responsibilities which you’ve accepted to fulfill, and the four quadrants where unaware as you were you’ve placed those “life elements” – what does it tell about you as a “manager of your own life”? How do you think could it help you AFFECT INFLUENCE?

MANAGEMENT may never be an easy task though; but so long as you would strive to experience it FOREMOST TO YOUR “SELF” even with struggles, you would eventually realize that with the way you ORGANIZE your thoughts and your actions, you can certainly TAKE CARE not only OF YOUR FUTURE – but of your CHILD’S & others’ LIFETIME too.


“Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little,

has its stages of drudgery and triumph;

a beginning, a struggle and a victory.”

                          — Mahatma Gandhi