Its Time to Free Yourself

What is your picture of God in you?

Today at The Feast San Lorenzo, we realized that our merciful God does not want us to be the greatest punisher of our self because of our mistakes in the past.

Friend, pwede tayong maglambing kay God by confessing our sins so that we can free ourself from the shadows of our own unforgiveness. Minsan kasi ang yabang natin, we keep on running away from God’s love kaya we dont get what we deserve; instead, we get what we think we deserve because of the guilt that we have in our heart kasi we do not humbly confess to God kung saan tayo nagkamali. We also do not forgive ourself the way God wants us to kasi sometimes our disorientations are being mixed up, specially when we are already guilty.

God has that magic detergent that would wash away our sins which is called “forgiveness!” Out of His great love, He is telling us now that WE HAVE NOTHING TO PAY — for there at the cross, He already paid for our sins.

Kaya friend, wag na tayong pakipot, let’s free ourselves na from that thing that has been punishing us for the longest time! God loves us so much that He wants us to change our picture of Him in our life. Let us forgive ourself because God has already forgiven us. 🙂

That time we change our picture of God,

Would be the moment we will appreciate and enjoy God’s love. God will protect us from any sort of dirt in pir life and asure us that WE HAVE NOTHING TO PAY because He loves us unconditionally.

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One thought on “Its Time to Free Yourself”

  1. Hi Mam Gail!
    I had this strong belief in my heart that prayer really works… I may not be the type of person who always go to church on Sundays but I make sure that I find time to give praise and ask for God’s guidance… I’ve been through a lot of hardships and storms almost ruin me but I was so lucky to have strengthen my faith… God never fails to turn my worries into something that is for my own good. I love how he works in my life… and I will never get tired nor hesitant to ask help and thank him everyday… I can never repay him for all the good deeds he showered me but I assure him that I will open my heart to others the same way he accepted and loved me…Blessed to have known him!!!


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