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Management of Alternative Learning System

What should a “21st Century Manager” BUILD?

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What are we actually Building”?

How can you be an “Affective” Manager?

Education is made accessible!

The right to free Basic Education is being tailored-fit to Filipinos who do not have a chance to attend and finish formal basic education from Grades 1-6 and Years 1-4 due to various distinct reasons through the Alternative Learning System

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 Change. Shift.Cure.

Such a great HOPE … supposedly?!?

Every bit of chance, yet waiting for one and all to just grab!

Among the many countries in the world who believe in Survival, the Philippines could indeed stand out with its  different Modes of Education from Non-Formal to Formal Theoretical Orientations. The Current Trends which lay down the many Alternatives and array of choices for various age groups: youth and adults are but blessings that abound elsewhere.

Chances and opportunities are just waiting to liberate us — to make us “level up” from whatever stage or status in life we’re in.

–Yet, how much are we still willing to learn?

— why are there still some who fail to GRIP FOR SURVIVAL?

— why do some, still plead for re-cure while crying over some state of “DEPRIVATION”?

What could have been wrong? … what else remains to be wrong?

What else should we beseech to accomplish the Philippine [Education for All] EFA 2015 National Action Plan entitled “Functionally Literate Filipinos, An Educated Nation.”?

How could FUNCTIONALITY be possible in our nation?  What is your COMMITMENT?

We don’t actually need to be an ALS Coach/Teacher to do something. We should not stop where the semester ended. What purpose or mission do you see then to be an “AFFECTIVE MANAGER in the 21st CENTURY”? 

Why “affective”?

What’s Along the Timeline?

From 1908 to 1936 to 1982, to 1987 to 1991 to 2003 … and now we’re already in 2015.

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Will we ever GET THERE?

From Civic to Non-Formal, from policies and memorandums; to Republic Acts and Presidential Decrees — and now we’re already in 2015!



Many did DREAM that some souls would COME IN RESCUE.

Innocent children waited … are still waiting as of yet… THAT SOON, SOMEBODY WOULD HELP “MAKE THEM WHAT THEY SHOULD BECOME”!

YET, what was there along the TIMELINE?

Have we really started as much as History gives us the trace?

What do we have at present in REALITY?  What’s our say about the current Literacy Situation in our beloved Philippines aided by those Legal Basis of Alternative Learning System?

And considering the Philosophy: that SPARK OF HOPE, the Vision, Mission, Nature & Goals of such System where everything started, WOULD WE GET SOME ANSWER: “WILL WE EVER GET THERE?”

Along the LINES, with the important events that brought us where we are and what we have right now, could it be that: we may not have really considered LOOKING INTO THE HEART OF THE MATTER? Yet, if so, what is it that we haven’t gazed our “hearts on” after all?

And, should it be enough that we, being INTO THE MAINSTREAM of the 21st Century Education, would just keep on clicking #LIKE, sharing our dreamers’ status into our own timeline and posting our comments into theirs? What then, do you FEEL should be YOUR CALL?

Your Symbol is an Alternative!



Then here goes YOUR BOX:

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Your SYMBOL could be an ALTERNATIVE!

Out of any BLANK SHEET, you were asked to CREATE SOMETHING — A SYMBOL that would tell  ABOUT YOU! Then you had to PONDER: “why such a symbol?” — what does it INDICATE?

And YOU, thriving through the course “Management of Alternative Learning System”, you just need to THINK FURTHER … why did we have to START WITH YOU?

With this captured-lecture to help you out, feel free to THINK, FEEL & VOICE OUT: “what do you have in YOUR BOX OF CHOCOLATES”?

Master of Arts in Education, Alternative Learning Systems, University of Makati, School of Tomorrow,
What is it that you can give?